Celebrity 'bounce back' postpartum Instagram pictures, is this realistic?

This blog post is sparked by two celebrities we've seen on Instagram recently. Everyone will have difference of opinions on this, we just wanted to chat them through and see what you think?

Firstly, is Gemma Atkinson pictured below. (pictures taken from her Instagram page @glouiseatkinson) The first picture is of her at two weeks postpartum and the second is her at 16 weeks postpartum, both looking fab we may add!

Woman's Health UK have written an article about Gemma's fitness journey and it's linked at the bottom of this blog post.

In Gemma's Instagram post, the most important bit we took from her caption was her stating 'What’s the point in looking ok but not feeling ok?' That is exactly the message we should all be shouting about! The mind is the most important place to start.

The second celebrity is Chloe Lewis. This picture Chloe posted last week on her Instagram (@chloelewis91) stating she is two weeks postpartum. We can all agree she looks amazing.

Initially, we were really disappointed to see a celebrity with such a high profile and following putting a picture like this to the public using the words 'bounce back', we worried it would cause pressure for many to look a certain way and it has unfortunately created a swarm of negative comments.

Then we took a step back and asked.... Is this realistic? Is this something she should've posted?... our answer is...YES.

Of course it's realistic, every woman and everyBODY is different, therefore some bodies may 'bounce back' to pre baby bod and others may take longer or never go back to the 'before' bod. Ask yourself, why because her body has gone back to a slim shape, almost straight away, is she not allowed to be happy of this? It is our minds and our happiness that is what we should be focused on shaping, not our bodies.

The negativity Chloe will face from all the comments and media surrounding is a shame as she is celebrating her body and her journey, which, may now be tainted with the comments we've seen. Should we not just all SUPPORT and INSPIRE one another and just notice how great she looks and appreciate everyone's journeys are different. It doesn't mean her body is wrong for 'bouncing back' and just like Gemma Atkinson's body was then and is now or yours or our bodies, we all take different times to get to where we want to be. We at Buggy Bounce find it irritating to see that postnatal expectations are all surrounding weightloss and how we should expect to look. We shouldn't expect to look anything, but happy.

It's hard to see so many people commenting on Chloe's picture slating her actions of posting this picture. We totally get it, we totally understand why people are angry. It is a sensitive subject and of course can make people feel pressured to look a certain way, however what we're trying to say is.....

Let's just be kinder and more respectful, let's just focus in on ourselves and know that no one's body is doing anything wrong or right in the postpartum world.

Be realistic of your own body. That means if you'll look like Chloe Lewis after two weeks postpartum or two years, then that is totally fine as that's what your body needed. There's never a rush to 'bounce back' and there certainly is never a rush to lose weight. Do whatever feels good for you.

If you have post baby tummy forever and you're genuinely happy, then isn't that what's important?

If you've slimmed right down post baby, lost all the baby weight and you're genuinely happy, then isn't that what's important?

'It's not about the shape of our bodies, but the shape of our minds' says the Buggy Bounce Founder, Lucy Carpenter.

At Buggy Bounce our instructors are trained to focus on happy vibes, body positivity and respecting all Mums in class. If your skinny or over weight, it doesn't matter, you are all in the same boat and the same class. We never use language such as 'weight loss' or 'bounce back to pre baby body' it's not what we're about. We focus on building confidence, letting go and having a boogie, taking time for yourselves and most importantly, feeling good. As Gemma claims, what's the point in looking good, if you're not feeling good?

Start with a happy mind first <3

Women's Health UK - Gemma Atkinson postpartum.

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