10 things to do to help with your Diastasis Recti

Sarah Pearson from Pear Projects has written a fab blog post for us regarding Diastasis Recti...

A Diastasis gap (Diastasis Recti) is a perfectly natural opening of the tummy muscles, fascia and tissues during pregnancy to make room for a growing baby.

After we give birth and over time this gap can start to migrate back, however for most people it needs a little TLC and encouragement. A lot of ladies find they have a ‘gap’ or ‘doming’ sometimes even years after they had their last child. It can be scary, and a cause of low self esteem along with poor posture, back pain and a leaking pelvic floor…not ideal!

Here are 10 things to think about if you have one….


That gap is mostly collagen so get your water & protein up, and maybe consider a

collagen supplement.

Lifestyle habits

Are you doing exercise that is pushing on your gap (running, planking, crunches,

push ups, zumba, weight lifting?). You can exercise effectively whilst moving away from things that

will push out on that tummy.


Simple breathe work will start to reconnect the tissues and pelvic floor, encouraging the

core to function well again.

Other nutrition

Booze, coffee, sugar. Unfortunately they’re full of things which aren’t great for a

system we want to be calm, soothed and healing. Get lots and lots of lovely veggies into your diet.

Please make sure you’re actually eating enough food and not too rushed so then living off a cold

half drunk cup of coffee and slice of cake!

Are you pooping

Every one should use a ‘squatty potty’ in my opinion. This will help your posture

whilst using the toilet and help any constipation, reduce bloating, putting less pressure on your

digestive system and your pelvic floor. A simple toddler step will do - you just need your knees

higher than hips when using the toilet.

Rest vs stress

Nothing heals quickly if we are stressed and annoyingly this is exasperated by

sleep deprivation so cash in some babysitting and just get some rest! High cortisol (the stress

hormone) needs to be addressed so anything you can do (or rather not do it!) will be worth it.

Keep your bottom strong

Having a weakened core can seriously effect you posture, again not

helped by the movements mums do all day (feeding, changing nappies, carrying). By having strong

working glutes it can help keep your pelvis in a decent alignment - meaning the bottom isn’t so

stuck out or tucked under and no pushing out into the belly.

Good exercise

Take some time for you to heal deeply. Check out the local offerings that talk

specifically about Diastasis gaps, and weakened core/pelvic floors, I’m a Holistic Core Restore®

coach and we’re all over the country. It’s also a good idea to stretch out any tight areas. I see a lot

of clients hunched shoulders from hours of feeding.

Pretend you’re still pregnant

When getting up and down off the floor or out of bed try to roll onto

your side and pad your hands in to help get you up/down (rather than doing a sit up). This will stop

inter-abdominal pressure pressing against that midline which could cause more serious issues

such as hernias and leaking.

Exhale on Exertion

Effectively this is just breathing properly. The simple technique of breathing

out on effort (whether that be exercise or lifting the pram out the boot) is very very important. It’ll

brace your core and pelvic floor against the weight and pressure insuring you are protected.

Written by Sarah Pearson from Pear Projects www.pearprojects.co.uk

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