What is Mama Bounce?

Mama Bounce is for those who have not got the time or confidence to come straight to a Buggy Bounce class. Things might be too busy or you just don't have the confidence to get back out there or into a class. 

That is totally fine. You need to do whats best for you, so to help getting you back into exercise or feeling happier we have created Mama Bounce!

Mama Bounce is for all Mums (pre or postnatal) all routines are adapted for safe and effective, yet fun exercise for you yummy mummies! 


We come right to you!!

Once a week (every Monday) you will be sent a short dance fitness or exercise video that you can watch, copy and repeat throughout the week. You will be given an exercise each week to focus on and when you have a spare 2 minutes just pop the video on and have a boogie. You can watch the video on your phone, laptop, ipad or plug into the tv, wack the music up and dance yourself happy whilst no one is watching! 


Dance Yourself Happy

For £4 per month you get: 

  • A short dance or exercise video sent to your email, every Monday for you to follow and copy throughout the week whenever you can

  • One exercise to easily do throughout the week that's safe and effective, tone up and feel good again

  • Be part of a Facebook group with other 'Mama Bouncers' where you can share your ideas, accomplishments or funny stories!

  • Once a month a bonus dance video to literally just let your hair down and feel good!

  • News and information about Buggy Bounce classes happening near you

  • Cancel anytime there is no contract!

Just £1 per week for your health and wellbeing we are in!! SUBSCRIBE TODAY!
Please contact us if you have any questions or just go for it and sign up below 

You will be taken through to Paypal and you can sign up using your credit/debit card or your paypal account. You can cancel at anytime however we're confident you'll love your dance videos to dance yourself happy!