What is Buggy Bounce?

Buggy Bounce is a low-impact but highly effective dance fitness class, aimed at mums who've had their six-week sign off from their GP. The emphasis here is on fun through exercise; no burpees, no star jumps, no moves you can't do. Just a fun-filled class for mums who like to socialise, have a laugh and get fit.

Classes consist of a warm-up, toning, stretching, pelvic floor exercises, dance moves and a cool-down, ensuring every class is a safe and efficient way to exercise. There is no need to be embarrassed if you put a foot wrong. Everyone is there to feel good and not pass judgement.

Why choose Buggy Bounce?

Aside from being a fantastic workout, Buggy Bounce is led by highly-trained instructors who have trained in pre- and post-natal exercise. Each workout has been specially devised to create maximum positive impacts on your body and bring a smile to your face.

We like to think of our Bugggy Bounce classes as a way for mums to socialise. Whether you come with friends or on your own, you're guaranteed to smile, have fun and make some new buddies. 

We haven't forgotten your little ones either! As our name suggests, bring your babies along in their buggies and let them make some new friends too.

Will I fit in?

At Buggy Bounce, we understand that getting

back into exercise can be scary, especially if

you've just given birth. You may feel apprehensive

about moving your body or wearing workout clothes

but, at Buggy Bounce, we really don't judge. Our

aims are to make you feel comfortable and give

your body confidence a boost! All you need are

comfy clothes, some supportive trainers, a drink

and your smile.


Don't like wearing tight workout clothes? Hey, don't wear them!

Need to sit this section out? Go ahead, we all need a break.

Time to feed your little one? That's fine, we're all in the same situation!

Buggy Bounce really is a great way to get your fitness back to where you want to be, so why not give us a try. Find your local class now!

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